Releasing Cash from Improved Working Capital

Releasing cash from improved working capital performance can be challenging. On the other hand, on average 7% of your turnover could be released in cash.

With a lot of stakeholders involved in the overall process a lot of companies struggle in sustainably improving their day to day behaviours and developing a cash-based mindset.

Our dedicated Working Capital Teams can help you tackle these challenges and sustainabily release the cash you need from your working capital.

How We Can Help

Releasing cash from improved working capital performance can be tough.

First and foremost, CEOs and CFOs tend to focus more on the P&L, where working capital performance is not tracked.

In addition, with payables managed by the procurement team, receivables under the responsibility of the sales and commercial controlling department and the inventory a result of actions taken by manufacturing, procurement and planning, people across your whole organisation are involved. Sustainably improving performance will require all involved people across the full organisation to change their day to day behaviours and develop a cash-based mindset.

Our dedicated working capital teams have assisted several clients across a wide range of industries to tackle these challenges and sustainably release cash from working capital.

Our Value Add

Free up cash

Free up cash to invest in future growth and improve ROCE

Create a flexible Organisation

Create an organisation with agile processes and reasonable commitments on inventory

Improve Profitability

Improve your profitability through lower warehousing costs and more efficient processes. Lower inactive stock risks, lower clients depreciations and disputes, better cash vs P&L trade-offs.

Client Results

Over 100 working capital programs realized at clients across industries

5-10% of revenue cash released in working capital

30 to 50% of the cash impact achieved within one year

Our Unique Approach

To rapidly give you the insight you need to assess your working capital performance and identify areas for improvement our teams have developed the Working Capital Quick Scan.

Our Working Capital Quick Scan will provide you with data-supported insights in the key drivers of your working capital performance. It will give you a maturity assessment of the working capital processes and organisation, comparison with the best-in-class, and it will provide you with actionable recommendations to realize the cash release potential.

Do you want to benchmark your company to peers? Provide us with monthly information to evaluate your average DSO/DPO/DIO and we will provide you with your working capital benchmark and cash release potential.

Eight Advisory
Working Capital Quick Scan

Segmented transactional & balance sheet analysis

Transactional analysis on customer & supplier invoices and inventory transactions

Balance sheet analysis

Analysis per customer, supplier and inventory segment to understand different dynamics.

Process and organisation maturity assessment

Detailed questionnaire to understand performance of the three main working capital management processes

Analyses of the working capital ownership and cash mindset within the organisation

Peer comparison

Comparison of the working capital performance with over 15.000 public and private companies within Europe.

Detailled analysis of working capital performance with industry peers.

Client Testimonials