" Eight Advisory helps companies that face financial & operational challenges. We provide in depth knowledge, capabilities and leadership to help you face difficult situations and build a recovery plan that allows for a steady recovery. "

If your company finds itself in financial or operational distress our dedicated teams are ready to deliver hands-on and timely restructuring solutions. We work alongside you to find and implement the financial and operational solutions your company needs to become financially viable again.

We can help protect, create and maximize your value through the following solutions:

Short Term Cash Flow Forecasting Advisory

We can review and refine existing direct cash flow tools using our past experience and best practices but can also assist you using our direct cash flow tool to build various cash flow assumptions with you and to obtain a suitable 13 weeks liquidity tool. In addition, we provide our hands-on guidance on how to manage your liquidity on a weekly basis and support the financial department of your company in dealing with various challenges such as suppliers, lenders, tax authorities etc…

Independent Business Review (IBR)

To ensure that all stakeholders take informed decisions there is a need for a common information platform that provides a view of the current situation of the company and how management formulates its vision going forward. As independent advisors we will review your current situation and assess the various assumptions of the business plan allowing us as independent restructuring advisors to formulate our views on the available options.

Strategic Option Analysis

We provide the main stakeholders of the company (Board of Directors, management, lenders) with an elaborate and reviewed restructuring plan including strategic options and advise you on the actions to take. For each option we will formulate a concrete business case and the impact it may have on the various stakeholders of the business.

Financial Restructuring

Based on the IBR and the option analysis we will formulate a concrete financial restructuring of the current balance sheet/funding structure of the Company including our views on potential scenario’s with your current lenders (junior lenders, mezzanine lenders (PIK or cash bearing), senior lenders, subordinated shareholder loans, quasi equity) and equity providers. We will work together with the financial advisor to provide new potential lenders and sponsors with a clear information and investments case.

Operational Restructuring

Our multidisciplinary operational team identifies the most relevant performance issues that are partly related or fully related to the distressed position of the company and helps you define concrete improvement projects. We also assist management with the implementation of improvement projects to unlock future cash potential and in setting up a CRO office that will take charge of the restructuring process and organise the various workstreams which reports back to the stakeholders of the Company.

Distressed M&A

We will work with specialised M&A advisors to manage the sales process of the distressed company and provide the necessary information to potential parties and assist management and the M&A advisors in a continuous dialogue with the interested parties. During the entire process we provide the current lenders with regular updates in order to keep the financial stability throughout the M&A process.

Debt Advisory

Together with an experienced and independent Debt Advisor we will assist you in identifying new potential lenders and assist you together with the financial advisor in negotiating the best terms and conditions.

WCO Procedure Advice

When faced with a potential insolvency process we assist companies with gathering and setting up necessary underlying documentation and liquidity forecasts to prepare the company for an insolvency process. During the insolvency process we can assist the company in managing liquidity and provide an information basis to various stakeholders alike.