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Managing Impairment in a Covid World

A practical guide for Financial Managers

Pieter Wygaerts, Transaction Services Partner at Eight Advisory Belgium

Shares his ideas on how Belgium can strenghten its recovery after Covid-19.

Rob Lagrain, Director Transformation EIGHT ADVISORY

Shares his insights on why technology should be a key element in your post-covid strategy. 3 hands-on tips in how technology can enable businesses to create create long-term viability and success in post-covid times.

COVID-19 - Cash Management - 4 Expert Tips

Philippe Fimmers and Tom De Troyer share their expertise on cash management during these unprecedented times.

Check out the video for some hands-on tips and tricks.

The international Covid-19 crisis has impacted us all.

The EIGHT ADVISORY teams are mobilized to help you face the challenges you are experiencing. We provide manuals of practical tools and measures implemented by European governments, that can mitigate the impacts on your business. To read the manuals and contact us :